Gear Works Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
There are 12 historical buildings. Each is divided onto several floors that represent stages. The more rooms are on one floor, the trickiest the stage is.
Using three types of cogwheels you need to link all the red cogs that are on the screen.
To complete the stage you have limited time represented by color bulbs. Time is not refreshed if the stage consists of many rooms.
When you manage to collect coins, you can spare them in the fruit machine, where you can win extra points, bombs, bullets and oil to the machine.
The second building.
There are some useful gadgets that you can use during the game. Bombs help you to get rid of unwanted or misplaced cog and bullet will shoot the creatures that can destroy pegs.
The further you are, the levels are getting more difficult due to not regular position of pegs.
Game Over screen.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Progress in the game
Placing the gears

DOS version

Even the menu is all geared up
Time to place the gears
All connected and ready to go
Slot machine time!
Let's blow this gear out of the way
Gears come in a lot of colors
Those darned creatures are always in the way
Another level completed
Going up the Tower of Piza
These levels are kinda repetitive
Almost there...
Will I get the bonus this time?
Piza is back on track
Moving on to Egypt
It's sandy in here
Title Screen.
Intro Screen (Clik Clak).
Main Menu (Clik Clak).

Game Boy version

Title screen
Enter a password or start from level 1.
A clock
Level 1
I haven't got the hang of this yet.

Game Gear version

A ku ku :)
Our tower
First construction - almost done
Second construction