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Gee Bee Air Rally

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Commodore 64

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 5 3.4
Amstrad CPC 1 2.3
Commodore 64 Awaiting 1 votes...
ZX Spectrum Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 6 3.2

The Press Says

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ZX SpectrumSinclair User
A great voice booms across the desolate plain. "Do not worry, Old Man. I have heard your prayers and they have been answered." No, it's not the voice of our publisher known to all as 'God', it is the voice of Activision, the fabbo software house that has seen the light and sensibly decided to convert GB Air Rally from the Amiga, to the Spectrum. Surprisingly it's made a very good conversion.
ZX SpectrumCrash!
It's the mid 1930s and all those magnificent men in their flying machines are flocking to Buckeye, Ohio to compete in the Cartwright Cup Classic. Donning flying jacket and goggles, the player steps into his GeeBee 250mph speed plane and the race begins.
Commodore 64Zzap!
A fast and appealing 3D race simulation marred by very limited lastability.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair
This is perhaps the only time you'll ever meet a cross between Biggles and Pole Position! A racing game in the skies. A nice concept, but what a shame about the game. If you really need the thrill of the chase, even that old chestnut Chequered Flag has to have the edge, for Air Rally is little different, but for a few additional "diversions".