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Geneforge 4: Rebellion

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MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
When you come right down to it, Geneforge 4 is an absolute steal value-wise. The game offers an expansive world with high replayability and solid gameplay and an overall improved experience for the user from past games. Although Spiderweb is charging $3.00 more for Geneforge than for past games, it's a well-deserved $3.00. Geneforge 4 is, quite simply, the most engrossing and fun game released by Spiderweb to date. The absolute best thing about Geneforge 4, of course, is that it's shareware, which means that anyone can download it and see for themselves whether or not the game is one that they want to spend their hard-earned wages on. I personally recommend the game to anyone who loves a good RPG. Geneforge 4 couples an excellent story in a unique world with solid retro-RPG gameplay to provide an RPG experience that you can't get in most other games, despite their eye candy.
Geneforge 4 takes a familiar Spiderweb formula but makes a number of welcome incremental improvements to make their best game to date, with a complex nest of choices and more challenge than many of their previous games or the flashier competition. Sure, Spiderweb has used this basic gameplay model for many games and it’s time for some needed improvements like active combat skills but this is an engrossing, grand adventure from a skilled storyteller that deserves to be played.