Action 52 Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen
Select a game
Dark Syne, reminiscent of Asteroids
Dino tennis
Cheetahmen: basic platform bashing
Daytona: Pole Position but with slicker cars
Frogger... ehm... Freeway I mean
Sharks, many sharks actually and absolutely no place to move about.
Knockout: old-fashioned button bashing.
Meteor: protect the city from the falling meteors.
Spidey: eat all the flies before the other spiders do.
Appleseed: gotta catch 'em all!
Slalom: even more basic than Ski or Die.
Billy Bob: Operation Wolf in the Far West.
Repeat the colour patters with an increasing length in Echo.
Force 1
Mouse Trap: collect all the pieces of cheese and avoid the cats.
Defend the castle against incoming knights in Man at Arms.
Dogfights in Dauntless
A spooky environment on the Haunted Hill.
Bomb the submarines in Depth Charge
Bonkers: Remove all of the blocks that are the same color as the ball. The ball's color can be changed with the paint boxes.
Star Ball: It's pinball in outer space!
15 Puzzle: I'm trying to solve this puzzle...
Sidewinder: Oh look, it's an After Burner ripoff!
Sketch: Drawing something
Start Duel: A game that requires 2 players.
Skirmish: Setting up the playfield
Minds Eye: Which squares don't have bombs under them?
Alien Attack: Go forth and kill the aliens!
Skater: This game sorta reminds me of that skating game from California Games.
Sunday Drive: The next exit will take you to Segaville, apparently.
Star Evil: This game is also present in the NES version, but here, it's an improvement from the original.
Air Command
Bombs Away: Avoid the nukes!
Dedant: Destroy the enemy insects!
G Fighter: Yet another space shooter
Armor Battle: This is another game that requires 2 players.
Magic Bean: Climb up the beanstalk and avoid the falling objects.
Paratrooper: Get all of the items
Sky Avenger
Sharpshooter: This game's similar to shootout.
Black Hole: A space shooter with a screen that scrolls in random directions.
The Boss
1st Game: Unlike what this game thinks, Pong wasn't the 1st game! There have been games prior to that one.