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The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Genesis)

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The Adventures of Batman & Robin Credits


ProducerBert Schroeder
Product ManagerJaime Wojick
DeveloperClockwork Tortoise Inc.
Game DesignersJohn O'Brien, James Maxwell, Stephen Thomson
ProgrammerJohn O'Brien
Lead ArtistStephen Thomson
Artwork byStephen Thomson, Christopher George (as Chris George)
Additional Artwork byRobert Hemphill, Noel Hines
Clockwork ProducerJames Maxwell
Level Layout & Triggering byJames Maxwell, Allen Fernandez
Batman & Robin Line Art Animation byTokyo Movie Shinsha
Music & SFX CreatorScavenger
Music & SFX ComposerJesper Kyd
Sound ProgrammerJens Bo Albretsen (as Jens Albretsen)
Lead TesterCrisi Albertson (as Chrisi Albertson)
Assistant LeadsMark Subotnick, Don Carmichael, Noah Mackenzie
TestersRachel Bristol, David Dodge, Christopher Lucich (as Chris Lucich), Phillip Co (as Phil Co), Dana Green, Aaron Loichinger, Randy Norfleet, Lloyd Kinoshita, Aaron Bandur, Stephen Bourdet (as Steve Bourdet), Maria Tuzzo, Sam Saliba, Joel Breton
Special Thanks toHolly J. Stein (as Holly Stein), Catherine Sollecito, France M. Tantiado (as France Tantiado), Clint Dyer, Nemer Velasquez, Sara Holihan, Trish Dunne, Christine Bertoglio, Wayne Leonard, Scott Compton
Manual byCarol Ann Hanshaw, Neil Hanshaw

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