Written by  :  AkibaTechno (254)
Written on  :  Apr 13, 2010
Platform  :  Genesis
Rating  :  1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars
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A badly conceived Sonic clone

The Good

Aero the Acrobat is moderately entertaining. The level design is somewhat interesting.

The Bad

Everything about this game screams of a desperate attempt to replicate Sonic with a small animal with attitude careening wildly through environments filled with hazards. Aero controls loosely, lacks any sort of defining characteristics and exists simply to...exist.

The levels, while designed competently lack any sort of finesse or defining visual styles. The color pallete of the Mega Drive is not being employed in ways that better games employed it and as such this game looks like a bad launch title for the console. In fact, games that launched with the Mega Drive such as Psy-O-Blade look far superior to this mess of a game.

The Bottom Line

I have no positive feelings toward this game whatsoever. It's a loose mess that looks like crap, plays worse and features an ugly protagonist with no character.