Aerobiz Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

US Title screen
Japan Title screen
Koei logo
One can have from 0 to 4 human players
Choosing a location for the head office
This segment is how one keeps track of the computer players
The business goals for this scenario
Command interface (left to right): Routes, Negotiate, Buy/Sell Planes, Budget, Advertising, Construction, Advice, Options, End Turn
Routes: The lifeblood of your airline
Setting up a new route
A new route takes off!
Negotiate: Acquire new slots with target cities
Buy/Sell: A variety of real life planes are available
Budget: If one doesn't keep an eye on it, the budget can get out of hand
Marketing: Using marketing can help your airline rise above the rest
Construction: Building in your target cities can help raise tourism
Advice: The advisors can help spot unprofitable routes
Options: Various system settings
New planes.
Marketing - succes!
Cairo Hotel opens.
History in game.
New branch office