Written by  :  Reborn_Demon (136)
Written on  :  Dec 18, 2006
Platform  :  Genesis
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Aliens Storm! Aliens that look like slugs and trash bins!?

The Good

Alien Storm was my first and probably favourite Sega Genesis game ever! On one-player mode, you go around killing aliens and saving hostages, in either the form of a robot or some crazy man. It's a typical arcade game but is addictive. Sure it's hard, but it's just so fun. The graphics were good, but not very detailed - but what games were back then? After all the aliens in your area are dead, the fun really kicks in; the mode changes from a side-scrolling shoot-them-up to a first-person-shooter mode, trashing out all of the monsters that pop out from behind TVs in your local supermarket. Simple, but fun. I remember playing two-player mode with my mate; we had hours of fun and got really far, too. Gameplay is simple, controls are simple - but the replayability is unique, and after dying, you just want to play again and again - even if that means starting from the very start, its still so fun!

The Bad

If any thing, my mate (like four years younger than me) always complained how "why can't you take their weapons after you killed them" - This was actually a good idea. I never complained about the game at all until he suggested this, and every time I played it there after, it always felt as if it lacked something. The side-scroller portions of the game was also quite dull on some levels because it lacked character personality - no catch-phrases or special abilities - but heck, it was the Sega Genesis!

The Bottom Line

If any one is looking for this game, and still has a Sega Genesis or some form of emulator, I highly recommend this game; especially on two-player mode. Although you may not find the game, if you eventually do come across it, you're in for a treat - especially if you find it real cheap - but you're probably better off with a more up-to-date game. Good fun, and highly recommend for old-school gamers.