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Arrow Flash (Genesis)

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Decent shooter. Majestic Lizard (655) 2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars

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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.8
Overall MobyScore (10 votes) 3.2

The Press Says

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Player One
Sans atteindre la perfection des meilleurs shoot them up japonais, Arrow Flash se positionne sans problème comme le must du genre sur la Mega D. officielle. N'empêche qu'il serait peut-être temps d'importer Thunder force III et Gynoug ! N'est-ce pas Monsieur Virgin ?
Modeste, il l'est certes avec ses cinq niveaux, son graphisme édulcoré, mais il fait tout avec beaucoup d'application si l'on prend la peine de regarder plus loin que le bout du nez de son vaisseau. Il ne paye pas de mine, et pour certains c'est assez pour le mettre au rancart, après tout la galaxie des shoot'em ups est suffisamment large pour ne pas perdre son temps avec tous les titres en deçà de "fantastiques". Mais sur 1UP, on aime bien presser chaque cartouche de deux mains fermes pour en extraire tout le jus. Et ce petit jeu qui ne paye pas de mine, il se trouve que, avec sa jouabilité affinée, son action variée et ses musiques qui cartonnent en cachette, est sacrément juteux.
Om man hade grävt upp den amerikanske smörpianisten Liberace, gett honom ett grillsåslavemang och kört 10.000 volt genom kroppen innan man satte honom framför en synth med samplingar från ljudspåret till "Verktygsmördaren IV", så kanske man hade kommit i närheten av den här hysteriska galopptangon. Grafiken är sannolikt gjord av gänget från Truxton. Arrow Flash kan bara rekommenderas till sjukligt fixerade speed-freaks...
Yet again this game takes the format so familiar on the Mega Drive, that of a horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up. The game's only merits are that the end of level guardians are particularly strange, and there are only five levels to endure. I have the feeling we haven't seen the last of this genre yet...
Yes, Arrow Flash is a typical Mega Drive shoot 'em up. While the storyline is very exciting, there just isn't enough variation in the aliens or the backdrops to keep a trigger finger satisfied.
Arrow Flash is an above average title. While the graphics and music are good, the sound and challenge are not as good as they should be. It does provide some good old fashion fun and if you can find it cheap, I'd say pick it up. It's definitely not worth the original 70 dollar price tag that Renovation loved selling their games at, but for a reasonable price its alright. The game presents a scenic hay-ride at its best and could basically be considered for play so you can get another notch on your control pad when you complete it. Not a bad game, but not a great game.
Video Games
Handwerklich ist Arrow Flash durchaus ein ordentliches Spiel. Die Sprites flitzen, das Scrolling muckt nicht, die Grafik gefällt. Trotzdem gibt's Grund zum Meckern. Die Programmierer litten ganz gewaltig unter Ideenmangel. Der erste Level zählt zum Einfallslosesten, was mir je vor die Bordkanone kam. Ab der zweiten Spielstufe wird's dann etwas besser. Bei der Masse an exzellenten Ballerspielen für das Mega Drive (ich erinnere an "Thunder Force III", "Elemental Master", "Musha Aleste") sehe ich für das nicht sehr umfangreiche Arrow Flash etwas schwarz.

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Power Play
Den unspektakulären ersten Level hätten sich die "Arrow-Flash"-Macher sparen können, ab dem zweiten darf gestaunt werden. Die abgedrehten Grafiken und Situationen können zwar nicht ganz über die nervigen Schwankungen des Schwierigkeitsgrads und das teils auftretende Sprite-Wirrwarr hinwegtäuschen, heben das Spiel aber klar über den Ballerdurchschnitt. Auch den Soundeffekten und der Musik gelingt es, den Spieler ab und an aus dem stumpfen Ballerrausch zu reißen. Leider waren die Tester scheinbar gerade im Urlaub, Arrow Flash wirkt stellenweise unausgewogen und zusammengeschustert.
Arrow Flash does offer a few moments that stand out -- at least by its own low standards. The boss fights get somewhat more challenging from the third stage, and the bosses themselves even start looking the part. The fifth stage picks up the pace of the action somewhat. At that point several new enemies make an appearance, including some that explode in a shower of bullets, and others that possess arrow flashes of their own. Mines that draw you towards them are also a nice touch. But all that is simply too little too late. No one should have to suffer boredom until the fifth stage of a shooter just to have a couple minutes of fun.
The Video Game Critic
The gameplay is run-of-the-mill. Collecting power-ups lets you accumulate some decent firepower, but I didn't appreciate having to tap the fire button continuously in order to shoot rapidly - this game is carpal-tunnel inducing! Of course, when you lose a ship you're back to the peashooter, which is pretty worthless against stronger enemies. Your saving grace is one special weapon that unleashes a powerful blast. The bosses aren't much to look at, and inexplicably the message "Out of Danger!" flashes shortly before you reach one. The single original element in Arrow Flash is the ability to switch your ship between a bigger, more powerful shape, and a leaner one. It adds a bit of strategy to an otherwise mind-numbing experience.
Génération 4
Le seul point positif de ce jeu, c'est l'animation, mais c'est bien peu! De plus, la jouabilité est trop grande et un joueur moyen termine le jeu rapidement. A côté de Thunder Force III, le bilan s'avère bien maigre.