Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday Credits


Game Creation:SSI Special Projects
Team Game DevelopmentTony Van
Producer (Electronic Arts)Keith Francart
Technical Director (Electronic Arts)Steven E. Hayes
Lead ProgrammerMichael McNally
Assistant ProgrammerPaul Murray
Encounter DevelopmentDavid Shelley, Rhonda Van
Art ManagementTom Wahl
Lead ArtistLaura R. Bowen
Additional ArtFred Butts, Mark Johnson, Cyrus Lum, Michael Provenza, Scott Sava, Frank M. Saxon Jr., Maurine Y. Starkey
MusicJon Medek
DocumentationMarti McKenna, Richard Wilson
Product Management (Electronic Arts)Chip Lange
Project Management (SSI)Victor Penman
CluebookMarti McKenna
Documentation LayoutEvelyn Spire
TestingJeff Glazier
Quality AssuranceMichael C. Prince

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tony Van (2856)