Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Character creation
Choosing a combat figure
Skill distribution
Starting the game
Cut scene
Skill menu
Character information
Equipment screen
Your turn
Targeting an enemy
Stopped RAM attack on base.
Entering the air lock of a derelict ship.
Listening to a recording - the classic case of science experiment gone wrong.
Found some reflectors.
Pirate ship!
Talon - the pirate.
It's Buck Rogers! And he's here to save the day!
Flying through the solar system.
Exploring the surface of Mars.
Coming across a village on Mars.
A Desert Runner.
The village is toast but so are the bad guys.
Whenever I try to explore - people always want to kill me.
My party.
Found a miniature doomsday laser.
Battle on martian surface.
Exploring the surface of Venus. It's been terraformed by the way - which explains the green stuff instead of it being a boiling lava world.
Battling RAM forces in the jungles of Venus.
Village on Venus.
We won a battle! Yeah! And to the victor goes the spoilers.
Near a RAM base on Venus.
It's Wilma - a fellow NEO agent.
The Sun King - he's kind of loopy but he may be helpful to you.
Never mind the alarm? Of course not - it's always great to be on a time limit when you're saving the universe.