Clay Fighter Credits (Genesis)

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Clay Fighter Credits

Clay Fighter Credits: Ringler Studios

Produced byEd Ringler
Senior ProgrammerDave Castelnuovo
Additional ProgrammingDouglas E. Mackall, John Bartak, Chris Oke, Lee Romans
Technical DirectorChris Oke
GrafixKlee Miller, Gary Platner
Product ManagersBill Johnson, Dustin Howard

Interplay Productions

Executive ProducersBrian Fargo, Alan Pavlish
ProducerJeremy Airey
Line ProducerMichael Greene (as Mike 'Paco' Greene)
Director of Quality AssuranceKirk Tome ('Koik')
Lead TesterRyan Rucinski
Quality AssuranceReginald J. Arnedo, David L. Simon, Robert Rooke

Visual Concepts

Game DesignGregory A. Thomas, Matthew Crysdale, Jason G. Andersen, Jeffrey J. Thomas
SNES ProgrammingJason G. Andersen
Art DirectionMatthew Crysdale
ArtLeandro PeƱaloza, Matthew Crysdale
Additional ArtEric David Browning, Alvin Cardona, Dean Lee, Phillip Vaughan
Sound and Music EngineJason G. Andersen, John Schappert
Technical AssistanceScott L. Patterson
Special ThanksColin Silverman, Emil Stanton, Anthony Caton, Tim Meekins

Clay Design and Animation by Danger Productions

DirectionKen Pontac, David Bleiman
SculptorsJosephine Huang, Ralph Miller
Animation DesignDoug Post
Clay AnimationKen Willard


ProducerMichael Quarles
Game DesignJeremy Airey
Assistant ProducerEric DeMilt
MusicMitchell Stein, Brian Luzietti
Title MusicBrian Luzietti
SoundFX and SamplesCharles Deenen
Title Music ConceptCharles Deenen, Brian Luzietti
VoicesMichael McConnohie, Steve Bulen, Melodee M. Spevack, Brian Luzietti, Charles Deenen
Vocal ArrangementJames Peacock
Audio ProductionCharles Deenen
Technical AssistanceJohn Philip Britt
Director of Quality AssuranceKerry Garrison
Assistant Director of Quality AssuranceRodney N. Relosa
TestersWilliam Church, Kirk Tome, Christoper A. Tremmel, Frank Alberry

Game Manual

WritersFeargus Urquhart, Eric DeMilt
Computer GraphicsLarry Fukuoka
IllustrationVince Carino
Layout DesignBruce Warner
Package Cover SculptureJohn Lemmon Films
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
Copyright[C] 1994 Interplay Productions; Visual Concepts Co.
The PosseSteven Chiang, John Schappert, Jason G. Andersen
The Interplay PosseJeremy Airey, Rodney N. Relosa, Kirk Tome, William Church

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65856)