Contra Hard Corps (Genesis)

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Written by  :  Othello Picklehammer (12)
Written on  :  Aug 07, 2004

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Too much Action, even for Bruce Willis

The Good

The adrenaline rush which You experience when playing this game is remarkable. The fights are really spectacular (not so awesome, like in Contra III, but these don't stay in the shadow), like battling through an exploding base, running from the blast radius, slaughtering mutants.. The Graphics are top-notch (isn't a surprise for a Konami game, is it?) Character and boss animation is really done professionally.

The Bad

The game is uber-hard. Even for a person with above average reflexes, not trained this can become too frustrating. The bosses are met each couple steps, however, all can be beaten because they have specific tactic patterns, easy to solve and use against them. So it's not only fingers-You do need brains. The game is very short, before You know it, it's over. Because of 4 characters and different scenarios the game can be play much more times than the other parts of the series, so I say the replayability is high.

The Bottom Line

It's a maniac slaughter fest-perfect for us-action maniacs, however, it isn't a game that stays in memory for too long. I recommend inviting some friends, grab some snacks and spend a whole night, not only an evening, slaughtering and battling. The game won't, but experience will stay in Your head.