Advertising Blurbs

magazine advertisement (US):
    "Awesome, Baby!
    Any way you look at it!"
    - Dick Vitale

    Here's the only Genesis basketball game with a 3-D rotating court -- and me, Dick Vitale!

    I live and breathe college hoops. I eat it, I sleep it, I love it. And now you can too! The folks at Time Warner Interactive have created a college basketball game that's so much like the real thing, it's unbelievable! The game is so awesome, I'm proud to have my name on it. Check out the prime time features of Dick Vitale's "AWESOME, BABY!" College Hoops:
  • A 3-D scaling and rotating court puts in _in_ the game, not just watching from the sidelines.
  • Real on-court sounds and commentary from yours truly. You can even use my plays from my college and pro coaching days.
  • Real college basketball action and rules, 32 teams in four conferences. Choose from Tournament, two-on-two Slamfest and Single game modes with 6 speeds and 3 difficulty settings so you can set your own pace.
  • 5-man teams with real moves: ball stealing, behind-the-back passes, lay-ups, hook shots, power slam dunks, reverse slams and monster 3-pointers.

  • Play it and you'll be screaming, "Awesome, Baby -- with a capital A!"

    (Source: back cover of "X-O Manowar", Vol. 1, No. 36, Feb 1995.)

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59714) on Mar 08, 2008.