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Disney's Aladdin (Genesis)

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Disney's Aladdin Credits

Virgin Games

ProgrammingDavid Perry
Project ManagementDavid Perry
Animation Engine byDavid Perry
Development Tools byAndy Astor Services, Rob Northern Computing, Cross Products Ltd., Todd Robertson, Echidna
Animation Directed byMichael Francis Dietz
Assistant AnimatorsShawn McLean, Clark Sorenson, Roger Hardy, Edward Schofield, Jeff Etter, Allyn Welty, Tom Tanaka
Background Art byChristian Laursen, Nick Bruty, Stephen Crow
Presentation Art byEdward Schofield, Lin Shen
SoundTommy Tallarico, Donald S. Griffin
MusicTommy Tallarico, Donald S. Griffin
FXTommy Tallarico, Donald S. Griffin
Digital SamplingSteven S. Henifin
Director of DesignDavid Bishop
Levels Design byWilliam Anderson, Tom Tanaka, Seth Mendelsohn
Consulting Animation ProducerAndy Luckey
Image ProcessingMetrolight Studios
V.P. of ProductionStephen Clarke-Willson
Produced byRobb Alvey
Executive ProducerNeil Young
Production CoordinatorChristina Camerota
Original Design byDavid Bishop, Seth Mendelsohn, Michael Francis Dietz, Mark Yamada, David Perry
Assistant ProducersMichael S. Glosecki, Ken Love, Craig Warmsley
MarketingDebbie Howell, Robin Kausch
P.R.Debbie Howell, Robin Kausch
Focus TestingDebbie Howell
QA ManagerAdam Ryan
Lead AnalystJared Brinkley
Product AnalystsChris McFarland, Scott Manning, Paul Shoener, Mitch Feldman, David Fries, Lyndon Dole, Virgil The Cat

Disney Software

Produced byPatrick Gilmore
Technical DirectorRonald J. Fortier
Licensing Brand ManagementCathy Fortier, Sue Fuller
Public Relations ManagementKirk Green
CES Event ManagementTom Bisignano, Spence Bovee, Helen Fillman, Andrew Henry, Will Kassoy, R. K. Little, Chase Senge
Quality Assurance LeaderJohn Santos
Product AnalystsStewart Irel, Roger Kung, Chris McNulty, Amy Steiner, Joe Santos
StoryboardsJohn Fiorito
Production SupportFred Weimer

Disney Feature Animation

Directed byBarry Cook
Produced by Paul Curasi
Secretary to the ProducerAnnette Laguer
Artistic CoordinatorRuben Procopio
Production SpecialistChuck Williams
AnimatorsTom Bancroft, Travis Blaise, Phil Boyd, Tony Cipriano, Rob Corley, Tim Hodge, Jim Jackson, Alex Kupershmidt, Anthony Michaels, Barry Temple
Clean‑up CoordinatorJeanie Lynd Sorenson
Cleap‑up ArtistsPaulo Alvarado, Brian Beauchamp, Rachel Bibb, Elliot Bour, Sam Ewing, Tracy Lee, Kellie Lewis, Tamara Lusher, Mario Menjivar, Monica Murdock, Keith Newton, Sherrie Sinclair, Bryan Sommer
Head of EffectsJeff Dutton
Effects ArtistsMichael Duhatschek, Jason Francoeur, Troy Gustafson, John Hailey, Joe Pepe, Paitoon Ratan, Tony West
Color ModelsIrma Cartaya
Animation / Final CheckPamela Darley

Sega of America

Product ManagementPamela Kelly, Kent Russell
ProducersPamela Kelly, Kent Russell
Public RelationsEllen Beth Van Buskirk
Q.A. ManagerStephen Patterson, Jason Kuo
Q.A. LieutenantJason Kuo, Julio Martinez
QA LeadJulio Martinez
Product AnalystsTony Lynch, Dermot Lyons, Siegfried Stangenberg, Andrew Podesta, Glen A. Cureton, Vincent Nason, Heather Meigs, Janine Cook, Blair Bullock, David Forster, Bill Person, Rey Alferez, Kirk Rogers, Vy Nong, Maria Tuzzo, Atom Ellis, Richard Gangwish, Peter McNab, Eric Rawlins, Ivan Foong, Michael Baldwin, Todd Morgan, Greg Becksted, Conan Tigard, Joe Cain, Simon Lu, Joe Ganis, Jennifer Brozek, Erik Wahlberg
LegalSonya Sigler
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw
Screen ShotsClint Dyer
Special thanks toPeter Adee, Martin Alper, Richard Branson, Ron Clements, Robert Devereux, Shannon Gardner, Justin Heber, Thomas Kalinske, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bob Lambert, Bob Levin, Alan Menken, Steve McBeth, John Musker, Amy Pell, Marc Teren, Shinobu Toyoda

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