Fantasia (Genesis)

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Written by  :  ETJB (450)
Written on  :  Mar 03, 2010
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Not Quite As Magical

The Good

"Fantasia" (1991) features nice graphics, music and sound effects all taken from the classic animated film of the same name. Mickey Mouse has to survive several, platformer based levels in order to restore the lost music of Fantasia. He can defeat most enemies by jumping on them or by shooting water based projectiles.

The Bad

Most of the Sega Genesis, Game Gear and CD games based on Disney characters are great, if not excellent titles. However, once you get past this game's impressive audio and visual appeal, you are left with several faults. Mickey moves slowly, in levels with fast paced enemies, and seems to suffer from an odd delay whenever you push the jump button. It is difficult to use the jump attack without hurting Mickey and trying to collect enough musical notes in each level can quickly become tedious. Their are no bosses to battle in the game, which makes it unclear as to how the music got misplaced. After beating what is a pretty tough game, the short ending is a letdown.

The Bottom Line

"Fantasia" (1991) does a good job capturing the sights and sounds of the animated musical. Had it not also suffered from poor game control, poor hit detection and a weak storyline, it might have been another classic Sega Genesis title.