Fatal Fury 2 Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Short text intro
Title screen
Main menu
Italy, what a view! Bella Italia! Que peccato que la gente e cosi crudele...
You lost!
Another Italian landscape
Whatever you say...
Fighting in Australia!
Survival mode
Battle in an American canyon
Thailand. Buddhist monks are watching
Japan! Kore wa Nippon da to omou... Omoshiroi ne!
Another Japanese stage, this time with a tiger
Where the hell are you?!
Jumping in Germany
Wo ai ni, wo yao wen ni! Xianzai!!.. - Hey, calm down, he just needs a kiss
Sorry, I think I lost my hair pin
Spanish battle! Matadores atacan! Si senor, eso se llama Espana!
And fight!
Good hit
Old master