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Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (Genesis)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Credits


Lead ProgrammerGary Vine
ProgrammersNathan Whitaker, Neil Hill, Steve Snake, Jason Gawronek, Martin Edwards, Jason Falcus
Art DirectorMichael Muskett
Lead ArtistsNick Bagley, Ian McBurney, Neil Hislop
ArtistsReeson Ivatts, Alan Redpath, Trevor Storey, Darren Hodgson, Barry Hutchinson
AnimatorPatrick Runyon
MusicDarren Mitchell
ProducerDan Feinstein
Associate ProducerBrett Gow
DesignersBrett Gow, Nigel Cook, Patrick Runyon
Acclaim White TeamElizabeth Burgess, Asif Chaudhri, Nathaniel Gunter, Shawn David Rosen, Seth W. Rosenfeld, Mark Thievanich, Peter Wanat
Acclaim Digital ProductionsPatrick Runyon, Patrick Kenney, Mark Chaves, Annmarie Koenig
Motion Capture TechnicianMichael Passuello
Bio Mechanical EngineerBrian Windsor
Additional Baseball TalentPeter Knobler, Greg Caccia, Michael J. Archer, Andy Acquilino
MLBPAMike Schechter, Ray Cooler
Special ThanksAcclaim QA, Joe Salfi, Howe Sportsdata, Eric Samulski
QA Senior ManagerMike Weiner
QA Computer Support TeamHarry Reimer, John F. Gonzales
QA SupervisorsCarol Caracciolo, Adam Ingberman
Lead AnalystsHal Turkiewicz, Steve Bremer
AnalystsMichael Mazziotto, Eric Hendrickson
TestersTom Falzone, Rob Morton, Damon Tabb, Jerry Tjam, Anthony Scaduto, Michael Simmons
Very Special ThanksSally Vine, Stephanie Webb, Emma Wadrop, Joann Nisbet, Lorrie Jean Gow, Colleen Runyon, Melissa Stubbington, Evan Stein, Ed Fortune, Pat Coleman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (56928)