Written by  :  J. David Taylor (28)
Written on  :  Nov 20, 2003
Platform  :  Genesis

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One of the best sequels I have ever played. Also, it's great as a stand-alone game, and I think it is the best of this type of game that I have ever played.

The Good

I was a true sequel in the real sense. I mean, it's my understanding that a sequel should be better than the prequel, right? (because after the prequel they find out what people think about it, what they thought it lacked--having a prequel just gives them a better idea of what to do for a sequel.) Anyway, everything took a step up from Golden Axe 1. These elements included: Graphics, music, sound, moves, magic, although, control seemed the same. (of course, that was refined already.) And, as all games should be, it's fun. VERY fun.

The Bad

Well, I always get kind of angry when a sequel features the same old villain. Although, many of my favorite games (Megaman, Zelda, Mario Bros.) do that sort of thing which is okay, but it does get kind of old. I think that it could've been a lot cooler if enemies could do more moves and stuff, and had more interactive and "smart" (maybe I'm abusing that word here) Artificial Intelligence.

The Bottom Line

One of the greatest of its kind. One of the few games that really makes having a Sega Genesis worthwhile.