Golden Axe III Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Selecting scenario for one-on-one mode
One-on-one mode
The dwarf from the previous game instructs the new hero
Using magic that hits all enemies on screen
Riding a carriage and fighting
Those litle suckers carry magic and health items
Hey, hey, not everybody at once!
Historical site... or whatever it is
Fighting in a forest
Look, I'm riding a cute green dragon!
Two big nasty guys with hammers
Desert: day
Desert: night
Nice green level
Title screen
Tyris showing off her moves in the intro
The barbarian about to hit enemies in front and behind him on the Vast Field level
Barbarian with the back breaker wrestling move
Vast Field: example of a two-plater teammove; Tyris launching the barbarian
Tender Hamlet: flying through the screen to attack two knights. Hostages, waiting to be liberated, in the background
Tender Hamlet: another teammove, Ax swinging the panther around
Ancient Mound: the panther with an acrobatic move
Bloody Street: every now and then you can make a decision about your route
Death Mountain: jumping over barrels that come rolling down the mountain
Dim Jungle: Tyris uses her magic to summon this dragon, her most powerful special attack
Cursed City: set on fire by a red dragon, those pieces of meat restore your health
Cave of Crystal: taking out a skeleton with the knee bash
Bloody Street: panther battling on the pier
A Voyage to Castle: taking a bite out off a spearman, each character has a grabbing move
Ride the Whirlwind: Fighting on the back of a giant eagle, just like in the first game. New to this game: the ability to throw projectiles
Cave of Crystal: Ax and Tyris combine their magic in the coop-mode to summon this huge fireball
Cursed City: bossfight against the cursed version of the panther
Ancient Mound: Monty Python anyone? The barbarian combines his magic with Ax to summon this huge foot
The Gate of Fate: Showdown with Death Adder inside the castle
Each game ends with an overview of the route you took