The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey & Minnie Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Options screen
It's nice to have a new weapon...
Player select
World map
Jumping with balloons
First boss battle
Cages with enemies
Donald is there!
Baron's castle
Go, pirate!
Continue screen
Password screen
Entering the jungle
Battle near a stump
Swimming in jungle
With this outfit you can climb trees
Boss battle against a turtle
Careful! Snake!!
Entrance to the haunted house
Nice weapon to kill off ghosts!
Up the stairs...
Ahh! Skulls as jumping stones!
Cave level
Quickly destroy those bricks before you drown!
Icy level
In a store
Icy boss battle
Underwater cavern
Cut scene before the great showdown...
Japanese version title screen
Two-player co-op
Stage clear - two players
This block hidden inside a secret door may contain additional heart or 1-up
Final stage, everything is out to get you
Evil Baron Pete
Baron Pete turns into Dragon Pete. Oh gosh!