Greatest Heavyweights Credits (Genesis)

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Greatest Heavyweights Credits


ProgramMichael Lamb
DesignMichael Lamb
Additional ProgrammingJohn Brandwood
Lead ArtistJeff Godfrey
Additional ArtJoan Igawa, Troy Adam, Nick Gardener, Richard Beeston, Jeremy Cantor
ProducerScott Rohde
DesignerScott Rohde
MusicBrian Coburn
Audio EngineerKaty Weathers
Voice TalentDMP Entertainment, Gerald DeYoung
MarketingDoug Rebert
ManualMike Yoffie
Lead TesterGerald DeYoung
Additional TestersMark Paniagua, Roman Greco, Rick Greer, Michael Madden, Tracy Johnson, Todd Morgan, Michael Baldwin, Greg Beckstead, Wesley Gittens, Michael Bench, Glen A. Cureton, Dante Anderson, Terry Thomas, Bruno Sarret, Adam Ornstead, Andrew Podesta, Heather Meigs, Lawrence Jeung, Timothy Spengler, Crisi Albertson, Stephen Bourdet, Lawrence Gibson, Jason Epps, Ari Warner, Chris Pepper, Elbert Lee, Matthew Brian Rosaaen, Kurt Tindle, Brent Merolla, Darin Johnston, Jeffrey L. Loney, Gregg Vogt, Loran Pudinski, Eric Fong
Special Thanks toDavid Plaschon, Robert Jacob, Spencer N. Nilsen, Wayne Townsend, Kelly Ryan, Stephen Patterson
Muhammad Ali licensed fromVirgin Games

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