Written by  :  J. G. (7)
Written on  :  Mar 27, 2005
Platform  :  Genesis

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Good Times

The Good

The fun thing about these old games is that they were a lot more abstract than what we have today. The vacuum left by this lack of overall definition of what you're doing and for what purpose - the What the Hell is Going On Syndrome so common of old videogames - meant that there was a lot more room for interpretation in the player's mind (Today's videogames are commendable for being able to replicate's someone's vision better, but in the old times, they'd actually stir up yours in rather wild ways.)

So when an old dinosaur of a game like this one manages to stir up or invoke some mood or impression, you have to give it some credit. The whole game is set in the Caribbeans and Southern America and you get just that feeling from it. You get that warm summer goodtimes feel from it and you love it just for that reason... you get beaches, aztec imagery, jungles and great Calypso music. Whoo-hoo!

The Bad

The fact that the game itself doesn't amount to much. You're some dude with a frisbee who jumps from one platform to another. Wow, man... almost sounds like you're in some platformer game where you're some dude with a frisbee.

The Bottom Line

I bought this game for 20 dollars back then. It was worth every penny.