The Incredible Hulk Credits

Additional Credits

Cover IllustrationGlenn Fabry

The Hulk Team

In Game ProgrammingDavid Collins
Presentation ProgrammingDavid Shea, David Collins
In Game GraphicsEric Bailey
Presentation GraphicsArc Developments [Arc Development], Eric Bailey
Original Sound bySteve Collett
Sound Converted byMatt Furniss (Mat Furniss)
Level DesignNick Baynes
Producer ProbeTerry Haynes
Producer US GoldSteve Fitton
TestingDaniel Llewellyn (Dan), John Griffiths (Griff), Nat Leachman (Nat), Jermaine McKen (Jermaine)
Special ThanksThe Rooster, Big, Bod, Gem, Flo

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