Jungle Strike Credits


Game DesignJohn Manley, Antonio Barnes
ProgrammingMike Posehn
Art DirectorJulie Gast Cressa
ArtKeith Bullen, Jeff Fennel
3‑D ModelsMichael Shirley, Tim Calvin
Additional ArtPeggy A. Brennan
SoundBrian Schmidt
MusicBrian Schmidt
Project ManagementSusan Manley
Technical DirectorLon Meinecke
ProducerScott Berfield
Associate ProducerJohn Manley
Assistant ProducerAntonio Barnes (Tony Barnes), Michael Anthony Lubuguin, Scott Probin
Executive ProducerScott Orr
Testing ManagerRandy Delucchi
Product TestingSteve Imes, Michael Hensley (Mike Hensley), John D. Boerio (John Boerio)
Product ManagerMichael C. Prince (Michael Prince)
Marketing Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
Package DesignE. J. Saraille
Game Text & DocumentationMichael Humes
Documentation LayoutEmily Favors
Quality AssuranceMike Lopez, Rob Cavaness, Michael Yasko (Mike Yasko), Paul Armatta
Team photo by (US manual)Rosalind Delligatti (Roz Delligatti)

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21127) and リカルド・フィリペ (68092)