Jungle Strike Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Developer Info
Title Screen
Intro Sequence - madman Ibn Kilbaba & druglord Carlos Ortega
Main Menu
Select your Co-Pilot.
Protect Washington D.C. from terrorists driving motor homes.
Reful at the Gas Station
Bust up the terrorist operation
Dropping people off at a makeshift LZ
Persue the bad guys in your hovercraft!
Fight the Madman's troops in Washington DC.
Cut scene
Escort the president's limousine.
We found an enemy radar station.
Fight other gunships.
Night mission
The AWACS plane watches for bad guys before we start our missions.
Rescue some UN inspectors.
Action in the snow
Aboard an F-117 Stealth Fighter
This tank is history soon!
Escort the president's chopper.
You are dead!
Mission Briefing.
Mission Briefing - Carlos Ortega the Drug Lord.
Outside the White House.
Mission Briefing from HQ.
Starting the snow level.
Mission Map.
You can get info on parts of the mission from the map screen.
Hidden war heads.
Starting the training grounds mission.
Enemy training grounds.
American outpost.
Starting the Mountains mission.
Enemy palace.
Warning low armor!
Flying near a river.
Danger zone!