Jurassic Park Credits (Genesis)

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Jurassic Park Credits


ProducerJesse Taylor
Lead ProgrammerKeith Freiheit
ProgrammersBrian Belfield, David Cartt, Richard Karpp, Heinrich Michaels, Karl Robillard, Jason Weesner
Art DirectorDana Christianson
Lead ArtistDouglas TenNapel
ArtistsMark Lorenzen, Elizabeth Anderson-Hendricks, Robert Cuenca, Ellis Goodson, Jeff Jonas, Matt McDonald, Kevin McMahon, Tom Moon, Joe Shoopack
Sound and MusicSam Powell
Lead TestersVincent Nason, Jason Kuo
TestersDavid Forster, Richie Hideshima, Jeff Todd, Paul Walker, Casey Grimm, Atom Ellis, Mark Paniagua, Roman Greco, William Emery, Timothy Spengler, Vasily Lewis, Greg Becksted, Ben Szymkowiak, Vy Nong, Anthony Lynch, Dermot Lyons, Michael Baldwin, Maria Tuzzo, Keith Higashihara, Ken Chao, Julio Martinez, Michael H. Gilmartin, Mike Palser, Mike Pagendarm, Harry Chavez, Joe Cain, Conan Tigard, Marc Dawson
MarketingPamela Kelly Boogar
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw
Special ThanksMark Dobratz, Jennifer Haney, Neil Hanshaw

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rich Karpp (43)