Legend of Wukong Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen
Pigsy casts a healing spell on himself.
The party encounters an intellectual.
Wukong encourages a distressed villager.
About to enter a shrine...
Pigsy assaults an enemy with his Curse Song magic.
Pigsy's rake tears into the enemy!
Visiting the local weapon shop.
A prudent suggestion!
Well-wishing from the girl at the inn
Character status screen
Loading a saved game.
Wukong uses his Binding Rings magic to constrict an enemy.
Even in times of danger, salesmen are salesmen.
The first meeting of Wukong and Pigsy!
Wujing stabs at the enemy using her Flying Swords magic.
The Fairy Spring awaits...
A close call victory over the enemy
Selecting spells from the battle menu.
That's one disgusting Lich!