Lethal Enforcers Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title Screen
High Scores Table
Choose your game mode
Level 1
Perfect timing
level 1 part 2, out in the streets
that'll hurt. get that upgrade behind him too!
On the road for level 1 part 3. shoot the tyres out to slow them down
oh no you don't!
nice sports car. pitty i have to shoot it to high heaven
biker dude!
the level 1 'boss' throws chemical waste your way. shoot them
One down, and rolling away...
The results come in
Bring it on!
Improve your aim and your high score in the shooting range inbetween levels
Just a little higher
Level 2
Anyone order the fried rice?
level 2 part 2, the subway station
what ever you do, don't move!
mmm, tasty big bullets
further into the subway. don't shoot the innocent bystanders
ah, machine gun ammo. nice
level 2 part 3, and the train is on the move
the enemy gets a lock on
bang, right down the middle
you can go straight to the shooting range from the main menu...
get above the target accuracy to move on to the next level