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The Lion King (Genesis)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Lion King Credits

Westwood Studios

Creative Director/ProducerLouis Castle
Programming SupportMilo X. Ballan, David R. Dettmer
Lead DesignerSeth Mendelsohn
Assistant DesignerErik Yeo
Background ArtJoseph B. Hewitt IV, Hans Piwenitzky, Aaron E. Powell, Kevin Oxland (VIE UK), Rick Parks
Animation CleanupDoug Verhaal, Barbarajo Shillings, John Pedraja, Mike Muehlendorf, Kenn Seward
Audio DirectionPaul Maudra
Genesis MusicMatt Furniss
Genesis SoundMatt Furniss
Executive ProducerBrett W. Sperry
Genesis ProgrammingRob Povey
Assistant ProgrammingRonald Pieket-Weeserik
Animation RenderingCindy D. Chinn, David Dame, Penina Finger, Elie Arabian, Matthew Hansel, Aaron E. Powell
Genesis Sound DriverKrisalis Software LTD.
Manual Written ByEdith Laramore
Quality Assurance CoordinationGlenn Sperry
Quality AssuranceKenneth Dunne, Michael Lightner, Jesse Clemit, Christopher M. Rubyor, Bradley Roberts, Troy Leanord, Bill Baca, Mike Galindo, Candace Galindo
Vice President of Product DevelopmentChristopher D. Yates
Special Thanks ToColin Gordon (VIE UK), Dave Chapman (VIE UK), Felix Kupis, Theodore A. Morris, Lawrence Hiler (Chip Level Designs), David O'Riva, Donna Castle, Samantha Castle, James Castle, Linda Green, Jennifer Green, Kimberly Green

Disney Software

Senior ProducerPatrick Gilmore
Assistant ProducerMichael Giacchino
ArtworkJohn Fiorito, Alexander Schaefer, Christina Vann, Ann-Bettina Colacc
Additional ArtKaty Adams, Thomas Ang, Thomas Breeden, Kurt Dumas, Hugh Jamieson, Roddy Novarro, Rob Titus
Art SupportArden Ishimaru
Music Composed and/or Arranged ByJeff Rona (at Media Ventures Inc.)
Software Production AdministratorC. Steve Booth
Production AssistantJoseph Santos
Product AnalystsJulius Baldueza, Daryl M. David, Toby Espiritu, Joseph Reyes, Eric Bentura

Disney Animation Services

ProducerPaul Curasi
Creative/Technical ConsultantChuck Williams
Production CoordinatorCammie Cavallin
Assistant to the ProducerAnnette Laguer
Business ManagerDarrell Brown
Production AssistantCyndi Sager
Production DesignerKeith Newton
Supervising AnimatorChristian Bradley
AnimatorsAnthony Michaels, Aaron Blaise, Darko Cesar, Serguei Koushnerov, Rob Corley, Travis Blaise, Branko Mihanovic, Sasha Dorogov, Elliot Bour, Phil Boyd, Tim Hodge
Assistant AnimatorsMerritt Andrews, Caroline Clifford, Craig Grasso
Clean‑Up ArtistsArden Chan, Kevin Proctor, Anthony Stanley
Image Processing SpecialistPamela Darley
Assistant EditorGary Blair
Support Associate TraineeBrent Tiano
Special Thanks ToRoger Allers, Ruben Aquino, Clare Baren, Jeff Dixon, Don Hahn, Rob Minkoff, Ruben Procopio, Bob Stanton

Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Vice President, Product DevelopmentNeil Young
Production CoordinatorsRobb Alvey, Jeff Ziel
Assistant CoordinatorsDavid Fries, Jeff Buccellato
Design SupportDavid Bishop, Chris Bauer, Jared Brinkley, Sarah Thompson (VIE UK), Julian Rignall
Quality Assurance Group HeadChris McFarland
Lead AnalystJonathan Williams
AnalystsScott Manning, Chad Soares, Stacey Mendoza, Craig McCoy, Paul Shoener, Chris Rausch, Virgil the Cat
Additional TestingPaul Villanveva, Eric Reid, Josh Kales, Anthony Nicholas, Joshua Madson, Richard Chan, Jay Yi, Mark Holloway, Duane Peralta, Josh Coon, Colin Elliott
Manual Edited ByMark Polycn
Manual Designed ByTracy Veal, Lana Sproul

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