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The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Genesis)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park Credits


ProducerSteve Hutchins
Associate ProducerMichael S. Jablonn
Product ManagerKristin McCloskey
Lead TesterAaron Hommes
Assistant Lead TesterRick Greer
TestersMichael Dobbins, Tony Lynch, Todd Slepian, Ferdinand Villar, Paulita Villatuya, Peter Young
ManualRichard Verdoni, Curtis Clarkson
Original ConceptMany Granillo
Special Thanks toJanine Cook, Geraldine Dessimoz, Eric Dunstan, Arnold Feener, Michael Parker, Chrissie Huneke-Kremer, Steve Booth, Jason Friedman, David Curtis Hill


Game Designed and Developed byLászló Szenttornyai
Final Game DesignDavid Curtis Hill, Mihály Brudnyák
Team LeaderMihály Brudnyák
Graphic Design & ArtworkZsolt Balogh
Lead ProgrammerIgnác Fetser
Additional ProgrammingGyörgy Abonyi, Mihály Brudnyák
Boss Stage Programming & DesignAttila Róka
Additional ArtworkTamás Csige, Andrea Eglesz, Károly Gögös, J. I. Logan, Zoltán Maksa, Erzsébet Paplogó
Level LayoutDavid Curtis Hill
Level EditingDavid Curtis Hill, Jason Friedman, Sándor Mezei
MusicAttila Héger
Sound EffectsLászló Molnár, Szabolcs Tóth
TestingSándor Mezei
ProducerJason Friedman
Special Thanks toZoltán Györfi, András Bakai, Nándor Orbán

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