Mercs (Genesis)

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Overall User Score (9 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Consoles Plus
A part deux reproches principaux (pas d'animation plein écran et un seul joueur), MERCS est superbe !
Computer and Video Games (CVG)
Mercs is a magnificent conversion of a pretty spanky coin-op, with the unbelievable bonus of two different games stuffed onto one cart! Great graphics and sound all add to that arcade feel, but it's the gameplay stakes where Mercs really comes into its own. Hard enough to keep you coming back for more, you'll be constantly amazed by the sheer variety of the levels and features packed into this stunning game. If you're a fan of romping shoot 'em up action and you've only got spondulicks for one cartridge, make sure this is it. Mercs is mega - the best blast I've seen in ages. Buy it, turn the lights down low and turn your bedroom into an arcade - 'cos that's how good it is.
The Video Game Critic
Besides manning weapons like machine guns and flamethrowers, you can also commandeer enemy vehicles. You can level trees and villages, creating total mayhem. With bosses like planes and tanks, your mission won't be easy, but you'll have a blast. The sound effects are a bit weak, but the background music is good. I did detect some noticeable slowdown when the screen gets busy. Mercs is for one player only (too bad), but there are two unique playing modes: arcade and original. The arcade mode gives you continues, and the original mode lets you choose your character. If you like destructive arcade action, this game is for you.
Mean Machines
In the death 'n' destruction stakes, this spot-on conversion takes some beating, featuring some of the meatiest mega-weapons ever seen in a game of this kind! Like most Megadrive games, you can finish it fairly quickly on the easiest level, but select the hardest one and there's a decent challenge to test your shoot 'em up skills. The graphics are excellent with plenty of small, but nicely detailed sprites running around trying to bring about your demise, and sound consists of thumping soundtracks and even louder explosions. With two different games in one cartridge, shoot 'em up fans who ask Santa for Mercs will have themselves a very merry Christmas!
GamePro (US)
Mercs won't go down as the biggest and baddest blow 'em-up adventure of them all, though it's good to the last annihilation for sure. For many gamers it'll be tough to deal the final satisfying death blow, because you get limited continues in Arcade mode and none at all in Original mode. If that doesn't faze you, however, your order are to lock-and-load Mercs and save the prez!
SEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Quel bilan tirer sur le soft de Capcom ? A peser le pour et le contre, il est largement positif. Au rayon du négatif, la durée de vie, famélique, mais pour ce type de jeu, c'est tout de même très classique. Les deux modes seront bouclés en 2-3 heures à peine, mais intenses. La quête du high-score permet aussi d'y rejouer, et rattrape un peu la durée de base. En bref, un jeu de shoot efficace, propre et fun, c'est tout ce qu?on demande. D'un autre côté, la bouillie de pixels n'est pas formidable à voir, et n'est surtout pas à la hauteur de la 16 bits Sega. Ajouté aux ralentissements épisodiques, Mercs manque la mention « grand jeu », pour venir se situer parmi les valeurs sûres de la MD, et, après tout, c'est déjà très bien.
Mercs est un excellent défouloir réservé avant tout pour les fans du genre old-school qui ont apprécié son ancêtre Commando sorti en 1985. Le titre de Capcom est nerveux, jouissif et bourré d'action intense du début à la fin. En revanche, on ne peut que déplorer l'absence de mode multijoueur dans les versions consoles, alors que l'on pouvait jouer en coopération jusqu'à 3 sur la version arcade. Donc si vous souhaitez jouer avec des potes, il faudra vous rabattre sur la version arcade du jeu, pour les autres, vous pouvez foncer ! Go Go Go !
Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS, if taken strictly as a Genesis conversion of the Capcom arcade classic, would be found lacking -- it's not as visually spectacular as that original edition, and it also completely cuts out that version's multiplayer co-op capability. But, luckily, the SEGA team who ported the project took the time and invested the effort to offer gamers of the day fresh, new content to counterbalance the cutbacks -- and they succeeded. The included "Original Mode" here is so different that it's essentially its own separate game, and that makes the overall offering definitely worth consideration for your Wii Points.
Video Games
Wenn wir die viel diskutierte Moralproblematik beiseite lassen, sammelt Mercs alles in allem ordentlich Pluspunkte. Originelle Ideen, gute Spielbarkeit und ordentlich Abwechslung sprechen für das Modul. Lediglich der teils erbärmliche Sound schreckt etwas ab. Trotzdem ist Mercs sicherlich kein Murks.
I enjoyed MERCS greatly, and can't recommend it enough. It has great length, simple game play, and is fun as heck. Arcade mode is reason enough to play, and the addition of the original mode makes it a no-brainer. The lack of a two player option hurts, but there's still a lot here to enjoy.
Power Play
Über die Moral eines solchen Spiels läßt sich Wochen diskutieren. An der Spielbarkeit gibt es jedoch nichts zu rütteln. Die Grafik ist gut und scrollt sauber in alle Richtungen. Das Spiel ist fair und nach einer Gewöhnungsphase (anfangs ziemlich hektisch) prima zu meistern (kühler Kopf besiegt Panik). Trotz des relativ einfallslosen Spielprinzips ("Treff Ich Dich nicht, triffst Du mich.") macht Mercs Spaß - nicht zuletzt dank schmucker Extras und allerlei Überraschungen unterwegs. Empfindliche Naturen sollten jedoch lieber die Finger davon lassen. Eine menschliche Söldnerfackel, die Ihr mit Eurem Flammenwerfer entfacht, ist nichts für schwache Nerven.
ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Spielerisch wird nun mal Ballerei reinsten Wassers geboten. Da dieses Mal die technische Seite stimmt, läßt sich Mercs für Freaks schon empfehlen. Alle anderen sollten vorher erst mal schauen.