Written by  :  MrBee (29)
Written on  :  Mar 10, 2005
Platform  :  Genesis

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The Good

Style! Old skool style! I like this game alot, it isn't that good to play all day though.. If you are a fan of the guy and love the music, then this game is definately worthy to put next to his album collection!

First of all though.. forget all the stuff about kids! (because little girls shout "Michael" when you save them) If you understand his personality and accept his story about his personal life then things about saving children is about as normal as decaptiating someone, or, stealing a car in a game.

The music is a fantastic remake of his most popular songs such as 'smooth criminal' and he "ooh's" and "aoww's" all over the place! This gives you a more diverse approach for playing the game a long time and let's you be creative with the "ooh"!'

The Bad

Same old same old same old! You save a kid, kick a guy, save a kid and then after about 5 minutes of that.. the boss you meet at the end of a level, IS NOT A BOSS! Instead, seems more like a bout of lazy programming! You work your way through 3 stages of the above mentioned.. to fight a SLIGHTLY HARDER BAD GUY! (But I have to say that the 'magic' dancing special move is alot of fun to pull off! Reinacting 'Thriller' all over again!

The Bottom Line

It's a funky platformer I wish the true arcade version replaced.(that was a more fun isometric version, instead of this one which is just 2D left and right movement) It's a unique experience for the mega drive/genesis! It's full of charming moments and a nice approach to the world of Michael Jackson!


If you hate Michael Jackson, you'll only like it when you make him die.