Written by  :  Mr. Huh (112)
Written on  :  Feb 27, 2005
Platform  :  Genesis

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Good but horrible in contrast to the Super Nintendo Version

The Good

First of all I'm not here to say this game just sucks because of the port. The port itself is good for a genesis version BUT there are some inherent flaws in this port compared to the super nintendo. First I'll start with the good.

The speed is a bit faster over the first mortal kombat. The speed boost is great for Kombat. In this one the fighting is almost as good as a Street Fighting game

The speed is faster then the super nintendo game thus giving it a more arcade feel.

The graphics replicate themselves quite good considering the hardware

Characters have actual combos and more depth to them and skill to learn.

The six button controller really makes this game better to play with compared to the super nintendo's stiff pad.

The Bad

Now for the bad. Being a arcade port of a huge game there is quite a few issues here.

Sound is DRASTICALLY crapped on. TONS of missing voices. Not just a few here and there. But let me give some examples. When selecting a character they don't say the characters name. When you get in the fight they don't say round one or round two and so on. Just FIGHT. This sounds like a small omission BUT it's a HUGE detriment when going all out for the arcade experience.

Music is DRASTICALLY cut back. Sure it has some semblance to the original music but GOD this is horrible! It's like sophisicated midi at best and total crap at worst.

STOCK GROANS! Hot damn sure there was some similiar ones in the arcade and super nintendo version but these are all the same almost between MALE and FEMALE! Just HORRIBLE! Why oh WHY didn't Acclaim put diversity in the hits? What few voices were in the game.

Graphics look washed and if you look close enough GRAINY. Sure it doesn't look too bad and the game moves fine but the visual is just crap compared to the arcade and super nintendo versions.

Playing this game with a three button control WILL put you up for the FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. There is NO WAY to play this comfortably with a three button controller. Start is the block button. There is NO WAY you can access that easily right before you get hit which is less then one second. If you are going to play this game PLEASE PLEASE for the sake of your fingers and sanity use a SIX button pad!

The Bottom Line

Though it sounds like I slammed the game I really do like it. It's just that there's better versions out there to play this on. If all you have is a Genesis then by all means get it. If you have a super nintendo get that version for a more full on experience. Though this version is a bit faster and true to the arcade in speed and gameplay then the super nintendo. It's really you're call. Overall a 7/10 with this port.