Mortal Kombat Credits

Mortal Kombat - Cast of Characters

Cast Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage/Scorpion/Sub-Zero), Richard Divizio (Kano), Carlos Pesina (Rayden), Ho Sung Pak (Liu Kang/Shang Tsung), Elizabeth Malecki (Sonya)
Goro Character Design John Tobias
Stop Motion MiniatureCurt Chiarelli

Mortal Kombat Design Team - Probe Software

Software Paul Carruthers
Additional Software Richard Costello
Graphics Lee Ames
Producer Gary Liddon
MusicMatt Furniss, Shaun Hollingworth
Sound EffectsMatt Furniss, Shaun Hollingworth
Testing James Simon, Barg and Tim
Special Thanks ToDave Spangle

Acclaim Development by The Grey Team

Producer Robert Leingang
Associate Producer Stacy Allyn Hendrickson
Analysts Tyrone Miller, Joe Libertella, Tom Rademacher, James Fink
Special Thanks ToEric, Alex and Tony, Ed Boon (@ Williams), John Tobias (@ Williams)

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