Mutant League Football (Genesis)

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Mutant League Football Credits


Created byMichael Mendheim
DesignMichael Mendheim, Alan Martin
Lead ArtistArthur Koch
GraphicsJeff Fennel, Roseann Mitchell, Armand Cabrera
AnimationJeff Fennel, Michael Mendheim, Peggy Brennan, Peter Traugot, Steve M. Suhy
MusicBrian Schmidt
SoundBrian Schmidt
Lead programmerGil Colgate
ProgrammersGil Colgate, Ian Clarke
ProducerSam Nelson
Associate ProducerKeith Orr
Assistant ProducerTony Iuppa
Technical DirectorEdwin W. Reich Jr.
Product TestingKevin Hogan, Alan Martin, Eric Newhouse
Product ManagerDavid Neubecker
Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
Package DesignMichael Osborne
Game Text & DocumentationMichael Humes
Documentation LayoutCorey Higgins
Documentation IllustrationsFrank Cirocco
Quality AssuranceWalter Ianneo, Ted Fitzgerald
Thanks toBaron Samhadi, H. G. Wells, Edgar Allan Poe
Special Thanks toValerie Hennigan, Richard Robbins
Produced byMutant Productions

Japan Version Staff

ProgrammerYuichi Yamaguchi
Assistant ProducerLeland Madren, Kenichi Igarashi, Mayako Maekawa, Ryutaro Hayase
ProducerMasato Mizushima

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