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NBA Action '95 starring David Robinson (Genesis)

NBA Action '95 starring David Robinson Genesis Title with David Robinson


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NBA Action '95 starring David Robinson Credits


Game DesignMichael Brook
DirectionMichael Brook
Game ProgrammingStephen L. Cox
Shell ProgrammingChris Ziomkowski
ArtJoseph Quinn, Douglas Wike, Lori Champney
ProducerScott Rohde
Assistant ProducerChris Cutliff
Executive ProducerWayne Townsend
Product ManagerKelly Ryan
MusicAndy Armer
Sound EffectsAndy Armer
ManualSteven G. Peterson
Test ManagerMike Weiner
Test LeadMatt Underwood
Assistant Test LeadsAron Drayer, Mark Paniagua, Dan Pendergast
Additional TestersLorne Asuncion, Stephen Bourdet, Edward Chennault, Don Carmichael, Peter Clark, Marc Dawson, Robert DeLoach, David Dodge, Howard Gipson, Dana Green, Mark Griffin, Mikael Herauf, Scott Hill, Kevin Johnson, Tracy Johnson, Amber-Leigh Junier, Nick Katakis, Kerry Kirkham, Jeffrey L. Loney, Christopher Lucich, Tony Lynch, Sean McInnes, R. Scott Morrison, Lancelot Nelson, Robert Owen, David Paniagua, Todd Pifer, Edward Riel, Randy Smaha, Eric Simonich, Mark Subotnick, Patrick Tello, Terry Thomas, Stan Weaver, Dan Webber, Morgan Weiss, Craig Wike
Sega Sports Special TeamsGerald DeYoung, Rosie Freeman, Michael Meischeid, Craig Ostrander, Wallace Poulter, Doug Rebert, Doria Sanchez, Chris Smith
Special Thanks To:David Albert, Barry Blum, Jennie Brook, Ottavio Contarini, Len Keller, Greg Lassen, Heather Lester, Rick Lester, Ben Levy, Willie Mancero, Jerry Markota, Godfrey Mauricio, Joe Miller, Sistie Moffitt, Jay Obernolte, Steve Payne, David Plaschon, Kim Rohde, Marc Siegerman, Chris Tice

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