NHL 95 (Genesis)

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NHL 95 Credits


DesignMichael Brook, Scott Probin
ProgrammerMark Lesser
GraphicsDouglas Wike, Lori Champney, Cynthia Hamilton, Ian House, Kendra Lammas, Alyson Markell, Terrence C. Falls
Sound DesignRob Hubbard
Music byRussell Lieblich
Organ MusicDieter Ruehle
Executive ProducerScott Orr
ProducerRob Martyn
Associate ProducerScott Probin
Technical DirectorsColin McLaughlan, Rob Harris
Lead TesterTed Fitzgerald
TestingMichael Streim, Craig Wike, Mike Graben, Dave Newhouse, Chip Lange, Ken Rogers
Player RatingsJohn Rosasko (New York Rangers), Neil Smith (New York Rangers)
Product ManagerChip Lange, Clive Downie
Art DirectorNancy Waisanen
Package DesignE.J. Saraille Design Group
Package PhotosCowley Sports Illustrated
Quality AssuranceRandy Eckhardt, David Schenone (S Man), Ashley Richardson, Keith Bradley
DocumentationT. S. Flanagan, A. C. Smith ('95 adapation)
Euro DocumentationNeil Cook
Documentation LayoutAlpha CRC Ltd., Brian Conery
Special ThanksJohn Williams (The Judge), Jeff Buttell

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