NHL 97 Credits


ProgrammingMark Lesser
Design AdaptationKen Rogers
Additional DesignShawn Jacoby
ArtGlenn Cotter, Cynthia Hamilton, Nick Myerhoff, Sharon Stambaugh
MusicDavid Whittaker, Mark Chosak (Visual Concepts)
SoundDavid Whittaker, Mark Chosak (Visual Concepts)
VP of ProductionScott Orr
Executive ProducerRob Martyn
ProducerMitzi S. McGilvray
Associate ProducerKen Rogers
Assistant ProducerShawn Jacoby
Technical DirectorKen Zarifes
Project CoordinatorKyra Pehrson
Product ManagerGary Knight, Eric Petersen
Package Art DirectionJennie Maruyama
Package DesignSusan Spies
Package PhotographSteve Babineau, Sports Action Photography
DocumentationBill Scheppler
Documentation LayoutEdward Du Bois, Tom Peters
Product TestingGabe Boys, Billy Delli-Gatti, Mike Graben, Bones Johnson, Mike Olsen, Ken Spalasso, Ramone Tysinger
Player RatingsJohn Rosasco (New York Rangers), Neil Smith (New York Rangers)
Quality AssuranceChris Bennett (Caesar), Paul Niehaus
Special Thanks ToMurray Allen, A. Marsh Gardiner, Scott Gummer, Michael Hensley, Ilene Kent, Chip Lange, Nathan Lesser, Daniel Lesser, Mary Ellin Logue, Matt McKnight, Catherine Mary O'Brien, Scott Probin, Doug Reid, Rich Rogers, Ken Sayler

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Credits for this game were contributed by Luis Silva (13290) and Alaka (41703)