NHL Hockey Credits (Genesis)

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NHL Hockey Credits


Designed byScott Orr, Richard Hilleman, Michael Brook, Jim Simmons
Developed byPark Place Production Team
Programmed byJim Simmons
Graphics Design byBrian O'Hara, Steve Quinn, Curt Toumanian (as Curt Thomas [manual])
Filming and ModelingSteve Quinn, Brian O'Hara
Production Assistance byMichael Knox, Troy A. Lyndon, James R. Haldy, for Park Place Production Team
Music byRob Hubbard
Sound byRob Hubbard
Executive ProducerRichard Hilleman
Produced byMichael Brook
Technical DirectorScott Cronce
Assistant ProducerEd Gwynn
Japanese VersionBrian Krause, Hiroshi Ueda
Product ManagerKaren Schulman
Quality AssuranceHunter Smith
DocumentationT. S. Flanagan
Documentation layoutJennie Maruyama
Special Thanks to Mark Hughes, and, Scooter Hanson (as Scooter Henson [manual]), of the San Diego Gulls

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