Nickelodeon: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Credits


Lead ProgrammerJim Schuler
Assistant ProgrammerDavid Keith Connelly
Map Layout and DesignKevin Chan
Background ArtEllen Drucker, Doran Fish
AnimatorsJeff Cook, Shelley Futch, Martine Gaudissart, Barbara Lipton, Perry Kiefer, Sean Platter, Laura Raines Smith
Additional ArtJean Bergesen
Music Composed byGreg Turner
Music Adapted for Genesis byEric Swanson
Additional MusicDavid Javelosa, Eric Swanson
Sound EffectsDavid Javelosa, Eric Swanson
Producer for Realtime AssociatesJennifer Sward
Executive Producer for Realtime AssociatesDavid Warhol
Testers for Realtime AssociatesChad Bunch, Robert Lark, April Tyree
Special Thanks ToEd Higa (and the SNES team), Rick Chipeco, Thomas Peng, Ann Lediaev
Executive Producer for Viacom New MediaKenny Miller
Publishing Producer for Viacom New MediaN. Matthew Welton
Associate Producer for Viacom New MediaJackson Young
Marketing Director for Viacom New MediaRebecca Randall
Marketing Coordinator for Viacom New MediaAmy McPoland
Development Support Management for Viacom New MediaScott Lawrence, John Podlasek, Baki Allen
Game Design Specialist for Viacom New MediaClifford Falls
Lead Tester for Viacom New MediaDavid Gohman
Testers for Viacom New MediaJohn Kelly, James Raff, Mike Lee, David Casso, Donald Hill
Managing Producer for NickelodeonDonna L. Friedman
Queens of Cool and Creative Consultants for NickelodeonMichelle Jabloner, Cricket Stettimius
Special ThanksJanet Muldoon, Nick Animation, Klasky + Csupo, Nancy Blumenthal, Jim Breazeale, Alice Coleman, Michelle Jabloner, Juan Ortiz, Syma Sambar, Cricket Stettinius
Manual DesignKatherine Lee, Beeline Group Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro- (60806) and formercontrib (159632)