The Ottifants Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen
Initial menu
Menu options
First Otti-world: The House
The House ~ Toys rule the land.
The House ~ Three yellow lollies make Bruno turn into Superfant!
The Basement ~ Zombie hands grabbing at Bruno's diaper.
The Basement ~ Suck my ... platform. If you can't reach a platform, bring the platform to you!
Secret Room ~ Hooray, Bruno finds a secret room!
Secret Room ~ Grab all jelly babies you can to gain a special bonus!
The Basement ~ Kamikaze attack: fire vs. sweets.
The Garden ~ Ill weeds grow apace.
The Garden ~ This switch activates a platform on the other side of the stage.
The Garden ~ 'K 93'-symbols are incorporated into the artwork. Those can be seen spread throughout the whole game.
The Garden ~ Looks like Bruno's left a mess in his pants in view of the superior number of the monsters.
The Garden ~ The gardener gives everything he's got...
The Building Site ~ Let's move some bricks!
The Office ~ Technology run amok.
The Office ~ Coming in contact with a live wire leads to Bruno's instant death.
The Office ~ The builder ran out of concrete panels, so they started using TVs instead...
The Office ~ Moving up to the exit.
The Jungle ~ You can read Bruno's face like a book: he's really looking forward to seeing some of his old friends.
The Jungle ~ Targeted by a fire-spitting cannon.
The Jungle ~ Sniping down from a fungi.
The Jungle ~ Bruno will drown in a puddle, but he's excellent at romping around underwater.
The Jungle ~ Dragons can make life very uncomfortable.
Continue screen
Game over