Written by  :  aaron pridemore (11)
Written on  :  Oct 28, 2003
Platform  :  Genesis

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Thinking outside the box was their forte'. Where is Delphine!?!? We need 'em back in the game!

The Good

I have to say the cutscenes in this game are some of the most stunning for the time period. The fact that almost all of Lester's deaths have their own cutscenes is novel on its own. (I love when the beast pops down in front of you in level 1...) The story is original. I love the challenge this game presents. The lack of text and dialogue thickens your imaginative room. The action goes from freakishly lonesome to interactive with other-worldly inhabitants. Unlimited continues is a dream come true, cuz the difficulty is perfect enough to be a challenge but not a headache. You're gonna love the intro, too. Another of my top 10 favorites of all time.

The Bad

Honestly, I've been criticized by all of my friends for being too forgiving, or too lenient. But all I can find wrong with this game are some minor gaming bugs (i.e. you THINK your foot touched that ledge or that you jumped far enough, but you didn't).

The Bottom Line

You HAVE to play this game. There oughta be a law that everyone in the world has to play this to pass high school (in Dr. Phil voice). One Love.