Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover - Genesis:

    The Final Terror!

    Launch into the biggest RPG ever on Genesis! This is the explosive magic-and-monster packed FINALE into the incredibe Phantasy Star saga. An ancient, hideous Dark Force stalks the Algol star system. You, a young hunter, are destined to become Motavia's greatest warrior and strike and deathblow that destroys evil FOREVER!
  • Cast over 200 different magic spells or combine them for even more devastating effects.
  • Hack through hordes of gruesome monsters that morph into even uglier, deadlier foes!
  • Awesome 3-D combat! Toast Dark force minions from inside incredible combat vehicles like the Land Rover and Ice Digger!
  • 24 megs of fierce role-playing challenge with battery back-up! The largest RPG ever for the Genesis!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Oct 27, 2003.