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Pinocchio Credits

Virgin Interactive Entertainment - London Studios

ProgrammingDave Chapman, Phil Lewin, Leo Skirenko, Richie Turner
Head ProgrammerMike Ball
Chief DesignerDaniel Marchant
Assistant DesignerSarah Thompson
Head ArtistKevin Oxland
AnimatorsPaul Hallewell, Patrick Beirne, Stephen Cavalier, Simon Swift
Sprite ArtistsMark Anthony, Wayne Dalton, Marina Vydelingum, Eric Bailey, Matthew Butler
Westwood Studios Sprite ArtistsCindy D. Chinn, Frank Saxton, Penina Finger, Kenn Seward, Andrew Wilson
Background ArtistsMark Bentley, Emma Cubberley, Jon Green
MusicAllister Brimble
Sound EffectsAllister Brimble
StoryboardsSean Millard
ProducerDavid Vout, Matthew Spall
Assistant ProducerPaul Welton, Sarah Thompson
Executive ProducerTony Fagelman
DirectorDaniel Marchant
Lead TestersAnthony Hinds, Anthony Steven Byus
TestersMichael Wenn, Alon Malka
Special ThanksAll the London Studios Team, Louis J. Castle, Jonathan Howard, Tim Chaney, Colin Gordon, David Bishop, Julian Rignall, Michael Giacchino, And all the Virgin Atlantic Staff [Florida and La Routes]

Disney Interactive

Senior ProducerPatrick Gilmore
ProducerMike Larsen
Associate ProducerLeila Chang
Project ManagerChip Vollers
Production AdministratorJames Mellott
Production SupportMary Schuyler
Test SupervisorJeffrey W. Blattner
Lead TesterLuigi Priore, Mary Schuyler
TestersChris Field, John Castro, Patrick Larkin, Ronny Louie, Daryl M. David, Jesse David, Andre Aguilar, Toby Espiritu, Weijean Strand, David Mendelson
DocumentationAndrea Smith
Special ThanksMichael Sean Clement

Walt Disney Feature Animation - Animation Services

ProducerPaul Curasi
Associate ProducerChuck Williams
Character Design and DevelopmentJim Story, Seung Kim, Michael Benet
Supervising AnimatorChristian Bradley
AnimatorsMichael Benet, Tim Massa, Anthony Stanley, Craig Grasso, Darko Cesar, Rob Corley, Elliot Bour, Travis Blaise
Clean‑UpArden Chan, Kevin Proctor, Merritt Andrews, Caroline Clifford, Kim Torpey, Julia Woolf, Amanda Barnes, Daniella Topham, Joanne Gooding, Annie O'Dell
Effects AnimatorsJoe Gilland, Gary Sole
Head of Image Processing and Color ModelsPamela Darley
Image ProcessingCyndi Sager, Heather Pritchett
Animation CheckJacqueline Hooks
ScanningJay Shindell
EditorJeff Draheim
Post‑Production AssociateGary Blair
Production ManagerCammie Cavalin
Production CoordinatorLaura Roberson
Assistant to the ProducerAnnette Laguer
Personnel AdministratorJan Sekata
Business ManagerCindy Beltz
Production AccountantStephanie Thrift
Technical SupportEnrique Santos, Don Gworek, Raúl Anaya, Todd King, John Outten
Production AssistantsScott Hutton, Jay Shindell, Barney North
Supervising Animator (London Crew)Uli Meyer
Animators (London Crew)Gary Dunn, Dean Roberts, Arnaud Berthier, Tom Lock, Panagiotis Rappis, Andreas Wessel-Therhorn, Mark Broecking
Clean‑Up (London Crew)Richard Jack, Christopher Clarke, Niel Bushnell, Michele Craig, Debbie Wall
Production Coordinator (London Crew)Julie Pye

Package and Manual Design

Package DesignKatherine Lee, Beeline Group Inc.
Manual DesignKatherine Lee, Beeline Group Inc.

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