Prime Time NFL Football starring Deion Sanders (Genesis)

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Prime Time NFL Football starring Deion Sanders Credits


ProgrammingJay Obernolte
Technical DesignJay Obernolte
AnimationDouglas Wike
Art DirectionDouglas Wike
Game DesignMichael Brook
DirectionMichael Brook
Additional ArtLori Champney
Additional Game DesignDan Brook
ProducerScott Rohde
Executive ProducerWayne Townsend
Assistant ProducersDavid Perkinson, Matt Underwood
MarketingJohn Gillin, Anne Moellering
SoundAndy Armer
MusicAndy Armer
Player PhotosPhoto File
ManualTimothy Flanagan
Sega Sports Special TeamsLorne Asuncion, Chris Cutliff, Gerald DeYoung, Rosie Freeman, Tracy Johnson, Michael Meischeid, Todd Morgan, Mark Paniagua, Chris Smith, Terry Thomas
Test LeadLancelot Nelson
Assistant LeadsMarc Dawson, Ty Johnson, Marcus King, Xen Lang
TestersAbraham Navarro, Bart Larrenaga, Mike Benton, Dana Walker, Jose Ochoa, Eric Molina, Mark Subotnick, Steve Thompson, Mark Lerma, Brian Murphy, Rayman Suansing, Greg Spalasso, Yancy Gordon, Dwane Beadles, David Mefford, Stephen Perez, Don Tica, Polly Villatuya, Kris Lester, Kemrexx George
Video BoyLorne Asuncion
Housing and CateringHeather Lester
Special Thanks toThomas J. Abramson, Gene Goldberg, Thys Heyneker, Mark Lindstrom, Willie Mancero, Joe Miller, Susannah Nukes, Steve Payne, Bryan Reilly, Mike Ribero, Clay Walker
Moral SupportJennie Brook, Heather Lester, Kim Rohde

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