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Electronic Games (Jan, 1994)
Race Drivin', while not perfect, provides a fast-paced sequel to Hard Drivin' as well as some genuine automotive thrills. Hint: construct a course with three successive loop-de-loops, then try walking a straight line.
Game Players (Dec, 1993)
Race Drivin' doesn't capture the realism and excitement of the arcade counterpart. But for armchair racers, it's worth buckling up and giving it a test drive.
This is another so-so entry in the driving scene where the truly innovative titles (Chase HQ ll and Rock & Roll Racing) tend to stand out, while others like this get lost in the crowd. The scrolling is very choppy.
40 (Feb 08, 2010)
To be honest, when I first played Race Drivin' I felt rather confused, only to grow increasingly angry down to the point of actually feeling insulted after a while. I sort of had a soft spot for the first one. I could see its origins in an arcade classic and had the impression that, with just a little more effort, it could have made a decent game. And here we have the sequel, and what do we get? The exact same game, with an extremely irritating and pointless track editor tacked on! For shame, Tengen! Knowing the original, I feel ripped off, which makes me give this one an even lower score than I gave the first game, just out of spite! But to be fair, it's not worse than the original, and even makes a few things slightly (VERY slightly) better. It's still not what it could have been: a good game!
Defunct Games (Aug 07, 2012)
If it wasn't for the intolerable frame rate and horrendous gameplay, Race Drivin' might have worked. You can see the glimmer of hope throughout the package, from the unorthodox course design to the custom level editor. The fact that you can create your own race tracks is incredibly forward thinking. But alas, it's rendered completely useless because of mechanical issues. It's not completely Tengen's fault, the Genesis wasn't built for a game like Race Drivin'.