Rings of Power Credits (Genesis)

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Rings of Power Credits

Rings of Power

A Fantasy Adventure byNaughty Dog Inc
Published byElectronic Arts
Produced byChristopher Erhardt
Naughty Dog TeamJason Rubin, Andy Gavin, Vijay Pande, Alexander Hinds
Game Design:Andy Gavin, Jason Rubin, Vijay Pande
Programming -What you feel-Andy Gavin (System - Sega - Plot), Vijay Pande (System - Plot)
Art ‑What you see-Jason Rubin
Music ‑What you hear-Alexander Hinds
Legal CrewDonald Gavin, Stephen Rubin
Naugthy Dog BarkCasey Williams

Electronic Arts

Associate ProducerChris Wilson
Assistant ProducerMichael Meischeid (Mike Meischeid)
Tech DirectorsJesse Taylor, Carl Mey
Text EditingMarti McKenna
ManualMarti McKenna
Plot HelpMichael Meischeid, Michael Wallis (Mike Wallis), Chip Lange, Marti McKenna
Extra MusicJon Medek
Extra SoundJon Medek
QA TestingKevin Hogan
Additional ThanksRoland Kippenhan III, James R. Bailey (James Bayley), David Albert (Dave Albert), Steven E. Hayes (Steve Hayes), Kevin McGrath
Australian TeamChris Wilson
Thanks to those who believed in this project during two and half long years of development.
Andy would like to thank the following for their help and supportAuren Weinberg, Owen Rescher, Greg Cooper, Brant Haas, Ed Bartlett, Eric Wunderlich
Jason thanksMorgan, Caren, Aimee, T. Mike, Paul, Greg, Marty, Levin, FIJI Michigan
Vijay ThanksAnn, Brian, Ron, Michael, Claudio, TY, Mel, Dan, Geoff, Mike
Special ThanksZeke, Jesse, Juggling, DC 101 FM Washington

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Credits for this game were contributed by chirinea (43092)