Side Pocket Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Select your favorite music to hear and relax in Jukebox!
The Trick Game option works like a training mode: it's great to test your target and accuracy.
To complete the game, you must reach the target score of each city (starting by Los Angeles).
The match begins and the player plans the first move.
Putting maximum potence in the parquet block: more power, more chances to strike many balls in a row!
Sink a ball where the star appoints to earn some additional points or a passport to the "TRICK" bonus.
Preparing to sink the final ball: if you are really good, sink it where the "ZONE" mark appoints...
After a tough match, the total score will be processed: just wait and see... :-\
Reaching the goal score (or even surpassing it), you can move to the next city.
Map screen: riding a motorcycle, the player makes a "long" travel to the next challenge... :-D
Playing in 1-Player mode, you can recover some extra balls completing a Trick Game successfully.
"SUPER" move: hit the flashing ball with the white one to smash the other balls with extreme impact!
2-Player Match screen: both human players are represented by two black-tied guys.