Written by  :  Tibes80 (1567)
Written on  :  Jul 28, 2003
Platform  :  Genesis
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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The best Sega game ever produced!

The Good

What's not to like? This game is fast, colourful and frenetic!

The game introduces Tails the fox and although this doesn't have much impact on the gameplay (except in 2 player mode) it does make the screen busier and more interesting. The game also introduced the "standing spin" (i.e. down and jump to charge a spin along the ground), which was necessary after having areas in the first game where you could quite easily get stuck.

Where gameplay is concerned, you should know what to expect from a Sonic game :- progress from the left to right as fast as possible, then repeat!

I believe this is the best game in the series for the following reasons:
  • Faster and bigger than Sonic 1
  • Still new enough to be fresh
  • Highlight / Shadow Genesis VDP features used to great effect, i.e. gorgeous graphics!
  • All the features of the sequels but none of the fluff

This game sold more copies than the bible, and rightly so; it's arguably the best game Sega produced for a console!

The Bad

There's not much to dislike, but I've always thought it was a touch on the easy side!

The Bottom Line

Why are you reading this? Go and play it!